[Solo Exhibition]The First Solo Exhibition 'Growing point'

The First Solo Exhibition
'Growing point'

- Selected by Korea Craft&Design Foundation


15. MAY. 2019 
- 09. JUN. 2019


KCDF Gallery
Seoul, Korea


I, as observing cactus, explored change and growth, the theme of my work. Under waterless barren regions, cactuses have evolved from their leaves into a unique structure consisting of both regularly arranged growing points and sharp thorns. Having observed the structure, I derived two critical features of growth, regularity and adaptation.

I make my pieces with white porcelain and paper clay. To express regularity, I formed voluminous shapes by connecting thin ceramic thorns from regularly arranged dots. Cactus thorns, a symbol of environmental adaptation, resembled the phenomenon that clay changes its properties under high temperatures. I leaned line structures against kiln’s walls or props and made line structures bent and twisted by high temperatures in a kiln.