Solo Degree Show
From Emptiness

09. JUN. 2021
- 13. JUN. 2021

Foyer Gallery
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Cardiff, the UK

Things come from emptiness.
Tao-Te-Ching, Lao-Tzu

We are in relationships with things around us, but things are so familiar that we tend to take them for granted. I aim to change my perspectives of the familiar and see the world anew. Impressed by the philosophical phrase, I explore emptiness in things, especially vessels.

My work is deeply rooted in the rich history of vessels. Vessels have been made from the beginning of civilization. With such words as ordinary, familiar, and useful, vessels have been humbly considered as daily objects. Exploring the new aspects of vessels, the most ordinary objects in life, is my way to see the world anew.

My practice started from the observation of a Korean liquor bottle made by attaching two different pieces. Seeing a joint part, I thought that opening an enclosed space could be a way to reveal emptiness. What I do is divide a vessel form into two forms and create a new small space. Through a small space, my work crosses a boundary between ordinary objects and art objects.

With the ceramic material and technique, I endeavor to reinterpret original forms and grant my pieces new values. I make my pieces with hand-building, a traditional and labor-intensive process. Stacking coils slowly, I leave a trace of my time and effort. Porcelain, the most demanding clay, endures the highest temperature and becomes durable. Through a firing process, the hand marks left on my pieces remain permanent.