[Award]The Finalist of BADA Art Prize 2021

Award & Gruoup Exhibition
The Finalist of BADA Art Prize 2021

- British Antique Dealers' Association


15. OCT. 2021
- 21. OCT. 2021


London, the UK

ABOUT BADA Art Prize 2021
Founded in 1918, the British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) is the leading trade association for the UK fine art and antique community. Many members are internationally recognised for their expertise and unparalleled knowledge in their chosen field of speciality, having contributed to many of the world’s leading museums and private collections.

This year the BADA is proud to introduce a new annual competition, BADA Art Prize, which seeks to promote “the antiques of tomorrow” by awarding a £1,000 grant to an emerging contemporary artist whose work exemplifies the enduring ingenuity and quality illustrated by our members' objects.


We are in relationships with everything around us, but things are so familiar that we tend to take them for granted. Impressed by the philosophical phrase, I explore emptiness in things. What I do is reveal an invisible emptiness by dividing a vessel form into two forms. Through a small space, my work crosses a boundary between daily objects and art objects.

Not only do antiques have artistic and historical values but arouse new interpretations and ideas. My work has started from the antique made by combining two different forms in 18th century Korea. Looking at the joint part of the antique, I thought that opening a closed space could be a way to reveal an invisible emptiness. That idea led to creating a small space by dividing a vessel into two forms, and antiques with vessel forms become the main media of my artwork.